CAERC Work Products

CAERC Annual Plan for 2017-18
Year 3 continues and expands upon the efforts initiated in years 1 and 2 with a focus on Enhancing Services & Instruction. The consortium has identified the following strategies for 2017-18:

  1. Expand Adult Education Course Offerings in the 7 Program Areas in the Region
  2. Coordinate and Expand Marketing and Outreach Efforts
  3. Use and Promote the Regional Asset Map
  4. Align Courses Across the Consortium and Streamline Pathways for Adult Learners
  5. Increase K-12 Adult Education to Postsecondary Transition with Student Outreach Events and Services
  6. Expand Career Pathways Programming, Integrated Education & Training (IET) Offerings and Boot Camps Across the Region
  7. Offer Professional Development to Support the Regional Strategies
  8. Strengthen Regional Partnerships to Increase Funding and Leverage Existing Structures and Expertise to Benefit Adult Learners in our Region

Strategies 5 and 8 will be central to the effort to enhance services for adult learners in our region while strategies 4, 6, and 7 will address instruction. The consortium will continue to strengthen regional partnerships to enhance services for adult learners in our region with a special emphasis on adults transitioning to postsecondary.

2017-18 will also include professional development to support consortium-wide implementation of the courses and curricula developed in year 2. Professional development will be provided to ESL, ELA and Mathematics instructors to help improve student learning outcomes for adult learners across our region.

CAERC Governance Plan
Amended May 10 2017
(374k PDF)

Shared Fiscal and Budget Agreement Policy
Adopted July 13, 2016; Amended January 10, 2018
(159k PDF)

CAERC Governance Plan
September 2, 2015
(187k PDF)
The consortium governance plan approved by members in September 2015 includes the description of the consortium membership and organization processes.

CAERC Annual Plan for 2015-16
November 14, 2015
(833k PDF)
The consortium annual plan for 2015-16 outlines the objectives and activities the consortium has identified for the year.

Sacramento News & Review Publication - "CAERC: When One Student Learns, Your Community Thrives"
March, 2016
(1.7 MB PDF)

CAERC AB 86 Comprehensive Regional Plan (FINAL)
March 1, 2015
(4.6 MB PDF)
The final consortium regional plan submitted to the California Community College Chancellor's Office in March 2015.

CAERC AB 86 Comprehensive Regional Plan, Completed-To-Date December Report
December 31, 2014
(5 MB PDF)
The latest draft of the consortium regional plan submitted to the California Community College Chancellor's Office in December 2014.

Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC) Scope of Work
June 23, 2014
(100k PDF)
Document identifies primary CAERC tasks, persons responsible and due dates.

Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC)
AB 86 Adult Education Consortium Planning Grant

February 21, 2014
(139k PDF)
Proposal submitted to California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for AB 86 funding. Narrative includes sections on Organizational Structure, Shared Leadership Strategies, Project Roles and Responsibilities and Communication.